Long walk back

This morning we took the girls to the grounds of the local art gallery for a photo op. My wife wanted to update the wall photos and I had a new lens to check out so it was a win-win until the reality set in regarding what we wanted to accomplish—we brought three girls 4 years old and under to a new landscape of flowers and trails and bugs and rocks and squirrels and whatever quick to distract and send three girls running in opposite directions. To boot, we also chose a day of record breaking heat (95 at the time of this picture above @ 9:30 in the morning). I managed a few candids as they roved the area but by the time we got them corralled they were not in picture taken moods. As I was trying to get one of the twins to hold a flower, she started yelling “water” over and over, and perfectly timed for a passing couple to see and hear.


In the end, the job was mostly accomplished. The gallery added a new “cactus” section and I grabbed the above picture on the way out. I think it summed up how everyone was feeling by then.


As for processing, I originally planned for this to be an HDR, but I didn’t like how it was coming together with Photomatix or HDR Efex. So I just took the normal RAW file and dropped the exposure down by 1 and then added some diffusion using Color Efex.



One thought on “Long walk back

  1. I really like this shot. The colour of the stones in contrast to the dirty white skull is really good. I have always wondered about things like these, why is it that only the head is ever present? At some point this was a full bodied animal, legs n’ all but now it’s just a skull. Where is the rest of it?!?!
    Astra Wally

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