Tip of a Continuum

So this is my first official flower photo. This is one of the few flower photos I was able to snag from the art gallery grounds yesterday when I wasn’t trying to photograph an uninterested daughter, prevent one from hugging a cactus or saving one from falling (jumping) into the koi fish pond. I definitely understand why the flower is one of the most photographed subjects. They are complex, colorful, luminous and most importantly, stationary. Kids are everything but the latter.

The flower here is a daylily, I believe. Besides getting down and close with a flower for the first time, I had also twisted on a brand new lens, unsure of its nuances. The lens blur on the original was a dark green, nearly black. While I liked the bright color contrasting with the dark background, I went with a black and white process in Silver Efex  for a uniform tone, and I liked the results.  But I couldn’t decide between the monochrome and color so I merged the two in Photoshop and set the B&W to overlay layer mode and dropped the opacity. It was a bit too dark so I applied a radial black & white gradient to the mask which allowed the color to seep through in the central area. Then I made a few tweaks to the mask here and there to bring in more luminance. Another thing I enjoyed about processing this flower photo is that I felt I could have put out ten different versions and would have been happy with them.

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