♫ We’re Friends in Need…

…and friends in need are friends indeed ♪ – Jungle Book (vultures’ song)

Perhaps it’s the hard days of summer setting in, but vultures have been almost everywhere I’ve looked recently. I’m use to seeing a few circle or a few working over some carrion on the side of the road. This was the first time I’ve seen them merely perched. Cattle were grazing in the field in front of them so I guess they were dreaming big. Short post tonight though. I’m a bit sapped after spending three hours assembling a trampoline in 100 degree heat. I’m sure a vulture or two had an eye on me.

As for processing, this one was shot originally with a polarizing filter that sort of over-saturated the original.  So in Lightroom I used a series of brushes and exposure gradients to desaturate in some areas and change the lighting a tad to give it a bit more dimension.

4 thoughts on “♫ We’re Friends in Need…

  1. I loved the vultures in the Jungle Book, they were so cool. Almost as cool as the crows in Dumbo. Excellent photo but I am always wary when vultures are around!
    Astra Wally

  2. I love shots of birds that apparently show their personalities. Looks like the ones in the middle are looking for the food and the ones on the outside are the lookouts. Great shot!

  3. it’s a fantastic capture.. birds never stay that steady for me. also didn’t know lightroom allowed brushes and selective de-saturation.

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