Nothing between us but air and opportunity

I decided to go with another round of birds behaving birdly, albeit goofy. The heron on the right side is actually the same from this previous post. And as I mentioned there, this mad heron was cracking me with the hell he raised not only on fellow herons but some pelicans and egrets gathered at the lock.  The bird on the left was one he roughed up quite a bit. I had missed the first tussle so when they met up for round two, I had the continuous mode smoking. I wanted them to get a tad closer but this standoff ended with a bow out from the one on the left.

I never set out to photograph wildlife (outside of a zoo) and it’s not really in my kit to do so. But I keep encountering birds and they have flopped interesting moments right in front of me. If I went out purposely looking for this stuff I’d likely wind up with diddly-squat.

As for processing, I had to make a huge crop on this one because I was far, far away when this showdown took place. In Lightroom I cropped and then used the Tone Curve panel to get the contrast. I then applied an exposure gradient to try and get the birds to come off the background. The tones of the birds were nearly camouflage with the water and concrete.  Then a slight noise reduction with both luminance and color.

2 thoughts on “Nothing between us but air and opportunity

  1. I like shooting birds, animals, etc for the same reason – I love it when they make some weird expression or do something strange. This is another nice bird shot. Nice capturing their personalities again.

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