A Happy Birthday Girl

Tomorrow, my oldest daughter turns five. She’s been counting down the days, and recently, the hours. These are the things she told me would happen when she turns five:

  1. She’ll be a “foot” taller.
  2. She will be able to camp out and build fires.
  3. She can start riding the bus.
  4. She’ll finally win something from the claw crane at the supermarket.


After I tucked her in tonight, I asked my wife, “Ok, so where is the pause button on them?”

When our twins were born, we referenced growth based off the oldest, as I’m sure many parents do with multiple children. We would say: “I can’t wait until they sleep through the night. I can’t wait until they are off of bottles. I can’t wait until they can sit up. I can’t wait until they can walk,” and on and on. But as our oldest has become kindergarten-bound, we are tossing out fewer and fewer of the “can’t waits.” She stands testament to how fast it goes.

Tomorrow she’ll wake up, and much to her dismay, will remain the shortest kid in her preschool class. She won’t be camping out and building fires on her own. I’m in my thirties and still haven’t won on the crane claw machine, but she does have an outside chance on that one due to sheer luck. The bus, however, will come in August to pick her up (although she has highly romanticized the experience). And for that day, and for all the other milestone events she outlined, I definitely do not mind waiting.

3 thoughts on “A Happy Birthday Girl

    1. Thanks, Mike. Being that she is use to riding with the comforts of DVDs, MP3s, solid air-conditioning, and comfortable seating, the yellow-clanky bus has a tall order to fill.

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