I’m going to tab this as rerun-week for the blog. Not rerun as in the same photo, but rerun as in revisiting some photo outings and finish the overlooked or paused. Too often I will set out to shoot something, process & post my favorite, and then before I can get to others, I go out and shoot something else. So this week is going to be about  folder exploring although I’m sure I will be photographing new subjects and chomping at the bit to work on them.

The above photo is the side facade of the Ogilvie Hardware, defunct now roughly twenty years as first posted here. The building is imbued thickly with local lore, a chief one of them being a Stephen King type endowment, one where the building itself is  the “monster.” Someone told me the building was alive and every time someone attempted to bust a window, it would repair itself. Doors couldn’t be kicked down, etc.

Well, I guess this picture serves as a mythbuster. I’m not so much amazed by how urban legend and lore spreads, but more so, how staunchly and as “matter of fact” it is delivered.  In defense though, this building seems like it was built to withstand a nuclear holocaust. The windows are quad-paned: two layers on the outside, two on the inside. It is also boarded up from the inside too. So I can see how such a myth can get underway.  If some teenager throws a rock at the window, the most they can expect is a single busted pane, and that’s with putting some serious strength in the throw. And then that is enough to catch fire to enough other teenagers for dispersal.

As for processing, I had to first adjust some lens distortion in Photoshop. I then cropped it as cleanly as possible. I then brought the file into Color Efex and used the Brilliance/Warmth filter to get the tone and saturation.

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