The Stuff Outside the Gallery

The Norton Art Gallery is impressive on the inside and sports a renowned native and western American collection. But over the years, the grounds have become exceptional in their own right. It started with a vast azalea garden rolled over some slight hills with a winding path. Today the path has been extended through multiple acres with koi ponds, hibiscus & tropical gardens, and several large sculptures stashed intermittently. The newest addition is a cactus garden, something I posted on last week I believe. Photographed above is the manmade waterfall in the center of the cactus garden.

As for processing, the above is a bracketed shot (EV: 0, -1, 1) that I first lightly tonemapped in CS5 and tried to steer clear of any detail enhancements as I wanted to try the luminosity masking technique more in depth. I created 5 curve layers from luminosity selections: two on lights, two on darks and one mid-tone. The composition was more complex than the moon photograph from the previous post, so it took minute tweaks on each curve. This method is tedious, but so far I have really enjoyed the results. While I love the speed and quality of the simple filters in Nik Software, Photoshop still trumps in detail control (when you got the time:).

3 thoughts on “The Stuff Outside the Gallery

  1. Great shot, that technique obviously works really well! I think you managed to get a good level of detail as well.

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