Whistle down the wind

Same skull, same garden, different POV.


I haven’t been working in monochromes recently, so I’ve enjoying the revisit. My creative moods are often affected by seasons, making it difficult to work in black and white or sepia during the spring. I’ve also been reading some Samuel Beckett lately so that has helped get into the mode.


This photo was taken around 11am, right about the time of day where the sky takes on white haze. I originally shot it with an exposure bracket. But instead of an HDR, I decided to pluck out the underexposed (-1) photo and create a lower “key” finish. And again I used the luminosity selection/mask approach. The reason was because I’m never satisfied with the exposure mask in Photoshop or with lowering exposure from the slider in Lightroom. It always appears to have too much of a global effect. Since this one was underexposed somewhat, there was not a wide range of lights or midtones. So for masking, I mapped three levels of darks and tweaked them a bit brighter with curve masks. This allowed me to bring out the luminosity on the rocks surrounding the skull while not changing the existing light on the skull. I then applied a slight sepia tone with the balance more toward the grey than orange.



One thought on “Whistle down the wind

  1. I think I prefer this skull image to the last. The way the light sits on the skull and the rocks is beautiful. Almost romanticizing death, really beautiful.
    Astra Wally

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