There might be peacocks in the sink

It’s official. Everywhere I go these days, I’m finding kooky birds. It’s not a complaint unless an incessant raven comes rapping at my window late at night.

For Father’s Day, I took the kids to the local alligator farm. The kids were climbing around an old army jeep so I backed up to take a photo. After the shot, I leaned against counter and placed my hand on the rim of the pictured wash sink. I felt something brush my hand and turned to see this peacock curled in the hose coils as if it were a nest.

Despite boiling heat, the kids had a blast checking out gators of all sizes and were able to watch a feeding of some spoiled ones. In the back of the farm, they have a large pond with an island in the middle. Some guys come out on a wooden boat and they start playing some tribal sounding music, at which point, the gators come out of the woodwork to eat raw chicken lowered down on ropes. In short, be prepared for “Gator Week” here on the blog.

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