Well…it smells like chicken…

Don’t worry, gator week is winding down. The background of this photo is the side of the barge from which they feed the gators with ‘chicken-on-a-string.’ The burst of an alligator always amazes me. Most of the time, these look and act like the laziest and most lifeless creatures around, and then can/will explode onto something in an instant. I enjoyed the timing on the above photo because the closed eyes and jaw line gives him a smug look as if smelling up his food before he takes a bite.

4 thoughts on “Well…it smells like chicken…

  1. I really like the tones in this image. The churning water around the gators is nice too. We visited a similar place in Northern Queensland a couple of years ago – the saltwater crocs are enormous creatures, reaching 5 metres in length. Watching those guys jump out of the water is pretty intimidating. Perhaps I should join in on gator week with a croc shot of my own!

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