Singularities of Time and Place

“For minutes at a stretch I sat on the floor and watched the motes rise and fall in the sunlight. I called Harry’s attention to the presence but he shrugged and went on with his work. He was absolutely unaffected by the singularities of time and place” from The Moviegoer by Walker Percy.

The above passage came to mind right after I took this photograph. The character Binx narrates this passage, and in sum, gestures that his lab partner, Harry, is a bit too close to everything to see anything, a bit too clinical in his approach. Before I took this picture, I had been timing a sunset on the river, one where the sunset would be to the back of me, and I would be able to get its “golden hour” light on the sandbar, the banks, the water, etc. Everything worked out “time” wise but the place didn’t shape out. Photographic?  Yes. Interesting? No. I made due with a few shots but didn’t have that feeling of when you know you have something worthwhile captured on the camera.

A bit disappointed, I climbed into my car and the setting sun was right in my face. Outside my windshield, I could see a swarm of gnats glinting in the haze. I stepped out, leaned over the hood and then focused in on the bug area and then framed the leaves to break off the sun.

Time and place.

As for processing, this was right out the camera for the most part. In Lightroom, I cropped it into a more panoramic style. I then adjusted the luminance on both the yellow & orange colors in the HSL panel to brighten and then added a slight post-crop vignette.

3 thoughts on “Singularities of Time and Place

  1. I would be a happy artist, indeed if I could capture the light and the warmth of the greens with my paintbrush as you have done, here, with your camera. A bit of heaven you’ve captured, me thinks.

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