Post about Post

Having kids lets one revisit and remember forgotten times, including the wonderful assortment of bugs they also pass along. I was down for nearly two days with some kind of stomach flu/bug hence the break in posting. But now I’m up and at’em again with a quick “post”…and yes, cheesy pun intended.





2 thoughts on “Post about Post

    1. Ha! Once I got the post in post, I sharpened in PS using the “unsharp” mask (Filter>Sharpen>Unsharp Mask). Then in lightroom, I desaturated using the Vibrance slider by about 10 and then used a Split Tone, but not actually a true split-tone, so I guess just a “tone.” In other words, I made an orangish/yellow tone in the Highlights section of the panel and left the Shadows at default. This added just a touch of warm tone to the image. I find this technique to be effective when you want to warm or cool but don’t want the dramatic impact that the White Balance tool has in Lightroom. Does this make sense?

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