Jumpoline plus Sprinkler

In an attempt to keep the kids from frying like eggs, I slid the sprinkler under the jumpoline (aka the trampoline but my oldest started calling it a “jumpoline” since she was two and it just stuck. After all, language wise it makes more sense). When we were kids, we usually weren’t allowed to jump on wet jumpolines as we would slip off too easily, but with the enclosures today you get to zip em’ in and soak em’ down.

As for processing, this was an incredible amount of slider tweaking in Lightroom without any clear method. Initially, I did a major white balance adjustment biased to the yellow on the first slider and green on the bottom slider. This set up the initial color. In the HSL color panel, I desaturated most of the colors but raised the luminosity. Then I applied a heavy dose of Clarity, Sharpening, Constrast & Blacks.

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