Just starting to get my legs under me after four days of too much heat, too much food, too much drink, and too little sleep. I was hoping to have some boss photographs of the fireworks over the river but twenty minutes before go-time, an unexpected thunderstorm swelled up and dumped an ocean on us. I think the kids had more fun getting soaked as Mom and Dad ran them through the downpour and all the deep mud puddles along the half-mile path to the car.

Above is a daisy photographed on a white marble countertop. This week I wanted to work on the square format, the 1/1 ratio. I prefer the 4:3 but many 1:1s have caught my attention lately. I also think it will force me into working on different composition styles. My camera doesn’t shoot in 1:1, so I had to crop this one. Originally I had the full flower in the frame, but at the end, I felt clipping some of the edges was a better fill.

As for processing, this one was done in Adobe Lightroom for the initial tone muting, and then in PS I adjusted the luminosity and midtones with curve masks.

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