Twice as Strong

This is what remains of an old shotgun house about 100 meters into some farmland. It’s not an uncommon site when running the rural roads around here. I’ve seen a few twice as tall and in better shape. This one always interest me because it is dab smack in the middle of nowhere and is about the only thing raised off ground. The farmers cut, till and sow around it. I thought perhaps it was historical but there are no markers. Anyway, I have been to photograph this thing a few times and haven’t had good timing. I’m either in between crops or the sky is boring. I even went and waited for sunset but…meh. One evening there were some gathering clouds in the area, so I took off but was a little too late, only catching a few lingering far in the background. So it was time to just make do for now.

This is another cropped square-photo. Perhaps it is due to my recent infatuation with obscure Delta blues music, but I had an idea of giving this a “hard times” finish. I’m not entirely happy with it but it was time to let it go for now.

As for processing, I did the toning and added the grain in Lightroom. Then in PS, I added the lines and vignette.


Here is a link to an abandoned shotgun house on one of these farmlands. In the center, you’ll see the exact style chimney/oven. Most of these were built in 1920s.

4 thoughts on “Twice as Strong

  1. I like it, I especially like the way you have processed the image. I think it works very well giving the image that old time feel, beautiful work. I keep looking at it expecting it to fall at any moment.
    Astra Wally

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