Delta dust

This is the same fence I posted on a few posts ago about fence posts and the lack of posting (Sorry, I can’t resist.)

This one actually comes off the heels of the previous posted photograph. I’ve gathered a heap of photos on similar subjects like the above, so I decided start working on developing some uniform post-processes in an attempt to tie them together a little tighter. So I’ve turned to Lightroom for preset building, which I think, given the time is a worthwhile endeavor. For building uniformity, I like what Lightroom offers albeit one is paying close attention to what they assign as a preset.

The above preset idea came from my recent obsession with dustbowl era delta blues. I pulled numerous vintage photographs from internet archives and used color pickers to map common tones used in the photos. I excluded the black and whites and focused on the warmer monochromes even if the toning was really due to aging instead of the initial process. I used the above photo as test subject because the posts seemed to contain many of the tones I wanted to apply globally. So once done, I saved the preset making sure only to include the settings that were both tweaked and important. Including everything won’t give you preset that is flexible.

This one I call “Delta Dust” and if any of the Lightroom users out there is interested, just let me know and I can email it over. For this I was going for something in between a flat vintage and smoother modern process. I also have a rough, grainy, high-contrast alternate to the same preset.

One thought on “Delta dust

  1. I have to admit, I just point and click so the technical data is going way over my head. I do like fence posts and the like so I’m looking forward to your next couple of photos.
    I research my family tree and this one wouldn’t look out of place with some of the old family portraits I’ve collected. If that was your aim, you’ve done it really well.
    Thanks for sharing.

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