We Got This

In less than an hour our twins turn two years old to which my wife has been moping, “We have no more babies.”


The twins have been our biggest curveball. There was one, confirmed by sonogram. When we went back two weeks later, there were two and a narrow miss at three. With a two year old already, none of our cars could fit three car seats. We had to get new cars, more space, double the registry list, etc. While stinging financially, the decision making was easy. Knowing what to do with two babies at a time was the real challenge. We felt pretty confident to how we handled the first, but all our tips and tricks were nulled. The concepts were the same and practical if everything went smooth but our twins have always had disparate dispositions, attitudes, likes, dislikes and so forth. So most everything started with, “I remember we did this, but how do we do it with this?” On the eve of their birthday, this question came up again regarding moving them from their cribs to toddler beds. We’ve been hesitant because they really like to party the first 30 minutes after they have been put down. We just kept imagining how much that party would intensify without boundaries. But like most of the questions, we just make the change and see how they react. We’ve learned that what seems unordinary to us, is ordinary to them. All they know is “twin,” all they know is there is this person that looks similar and that person is always with them. Everything is done together; everything is par for the course.


We converted their beds and bought them Yo Gabba Gabba (their current passion) bedding. As soon as the lights went out, I went to our room and looked in the video monitor to see them dancing in circles in the middle of the room. We would wait a few minutes and then go in a fuss them into their beds, and then return to the monitors and laugh hysterically at them goofing off in the dark. An hour and a half later, they gave up at the same time and crawled into their beds and fell right to sleep. I then went in and pulled their blankets out the clothes hamper where they had thrown them and covered them up.


Most of the things I have been told about handling twins haven’t translated well. There is truth to the uncanny connection they sequester, however. They communicate fully with just a glance. They speak words to each other they only understand. They sense the pain of another and share in every joy. It’s an experience that is only theirs, but I must say it is a privilege to be able to observe. So our question about how to handle bed transition, as usual, could only be answered by them as they would figure it out–“We got this, Mom and Dad, it requires an impromptu dance party in the moonlight.”


4 thoughts on “We Got This

  1. Oh yes, twins are definitely a curve ball. While I haven’t had twins myself, I an an identical twin and I know from my parents that we were most unexpected. Nice portrait!

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