It’s been a while since I’ve done any grungey urban stuff. This one was taken inside a condemned parking garage built in the 50s, condemned because of wide cracks and missing clunks in the concrete of the top floor. The doors weren’t wildly interesting but I had lucky timing. The building to the right of the garage has a lot of blue on it, and the one behind, shown through the broken windows, is a red-bricked building. It was late in the evening so the angular light had pushed the blue into garage. I shot this with a bracket of three all down ½ step, and then put together using the fusion area of Photomatix. The bottom floor had similar doors and better light, but I dumbly started checking doors. Most were locked except one that opened into an abysmally black room which had a few homeless inhabitants confirmed by a few unfriendly voices. It was time to leave at that point.


3 thoughts on “Doors

  1. I really like the deep gloom and doom of the blues which contrast on the lighter, brighter and all round more vibrant pieces of the outside. Excellent Image
    Astra Wally

  2. Strange that this should be a parking garage. With it being so old and unused the imagination can run wild … a dance studio maybe, with a troop of ballerinas. Dressed in pink, practicing at the bar to the sound of music …

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