So the “dustbowl” infatuation continues, but this time I decided to put the processing technique into praxis on another hot, dry, etcetera evening. Formally, I had been just applying the effect to photos already in the archive.  All the cornfields outside the town usually have gravel roads running through them so that was my target area. I marked this place on my map for future reference. While I’m pretty happy with final outcome, I can’t help but think it could have been improved with some item on the road such as a vintage suitcase. Or perhaps get someone with a white t-shirt and wearing a pork-pie hat to walk along the side to get a motion blur.

Processing here was simple fusion of 3 bracketed exposures in Photomatix. I then applied a Lightroom preset and then bounced it out to PS for some luminosity masking and a reddish-orange filter.

2 thoughts on “Wanderlust

  1. Excellent mood & tone. I can see what you mean though about wanting something extra – you have setting , now you need incident. I thought you add a old vehicle/farm vehicle as a ghostly layer, but the angle and perspective makes that tricky. Perhaps a old boot or a rag-doll would be easier to add. Then again it is a beautifully balanced composition, and sometimes an empty road is what you find.

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