Don’t Bite Your Own Neck…

…when you can bite another’s.

These are two horses from my father-in-law’s horse farm, biting at flies on each other I suppose or doing some “horse neck’n.” One of them is an apparent biter as I have her on another post here. I enjoy photographing horses as they yield an incredible variety of photos. I wanted to take more but my father-in-law lives in south Louisiana, which right now, is equivalent to walking around inside a steamy sweat sock. I’ll just put together a horse set in autumn.

Processing here was started in Lightroom starting with the same preset as many of my recent posts. I then bounced it out to PS and created a mask of the midtones, and then applied a warming (orange) filter to that mask.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Bite Your Own Neck…

  1. You have actually witnessed an expression of friendship, here, I believe. I love horses and trained them for quite some time. They will often stand and scratch each others withers and nip, occasionally. It is known by horsemen as a display of affection from one horse to the other. This is a beautiful moment captured and could be aptly titled “Among Friends”. Watch a mother horse and her foal as she caresses and nips and scratches it with her teeth. She is not scolding but caressing it. I like this image very much, Bbrasseux!

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