Here Comes the Rooster

I was not sure what this one here was about. It’s a giant rooster statue inexplicably bolted to the ground where a small building had been at one time on the corner of Hope & Texas Street . That’s all I could notice. No name, no logo, nothing obviously connected. The corner sits in one of many deserted nooks of the city.

So I looked it up, of course. Turns out the rooster is as random as it appears. The property owner bought it from somewhere and bolted it down for “just the heck of it.” So consequently, the apropos of nothing became something.

Click here for additional photo.

2 thoughts on “Here Comes the Rooster

  1. Australia is famous for it’s giant [fill in the blank]s. All over the country you can find the Big Cod, the Big Shrimp, the Big Crab, the Giant Banana. They’re always tourist attractions and they never seem to fail to draw business.

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