Blow the door & scoop the loot

­­Well, it would have been cooler if the above photograph was the result of an old heist. This one was taken inside the abandoned First National Bank on Texas Street. While the vault door has been roughly removed, chances are it was to recycle (cash in on) the heavy metal door. There is little information floating around on the bank. The outside looks like the marquee of a 50s theatre, but I doubt the building being used as bank traces back that far. The inside of the vault has been burned and has housed some homeless in a recent past. To the right was a cool looking door with “Cake Room” crudely painted on the outside, but there was a ton of junk between them some of which can be seen in the right-hand corner of the photo. I contemplated moving it, but the junk looked tied into other junk that looked important to some of the structure or at least not worth fooling with. Processing was done in Silver Efex Pro.

Click here for alternate image. 

4 thoughts on “Blow the door & scoop the loot

    1. Most of them are wide open. Sadly, there is an exorbitant amount of abandonment here for such a small city. And so if one door doesn’t work, just try the next 🙂

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