Looking for cool

I plan on doing the “hodge-podge” this week, staying inside with the straining air-conditioner and processing some photographs I’ve been meaning to get to. We have a record heat wave going on here, which is impressive as our records for this time of the year have a rather high bar. We hit 109F yesterday and it is suppose to get hotter today and even more tomorrow.  I went running at dusk yesterday. It was still 104 and I had to shut it down halfway through as I was all out of sweat. Here is one a fellow photog put up on his Flickr.


So for now, a cool colored door lock.


3 thoughts on “Looking for cool

  1. Oh, I love this image. It really is nice and cool – a sort of spearmint cool! We’re having some of your hot and humid weather in the UK this week. It’s no way near as hot as the temperatures you have at present but the humidity is very high and so uncomfortable.

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