What came through that wall

Somewhere in the city, there is a good chance a green, hulky biotech aberration may be on the loose.

This is one wall of another abandoned building in the old area of the city, and actually, next door to the bank posted on last week. The wall joins two buildings, both missing the roof, and at this point, it is apparent that some kind of fire tore through this area. I had actually seen this hole in the wall from some local photography, but never knew where it was. It’s a common spot where local bands like to hang out in the threshold and take serious looking  rock-star photos. For this one, I adjusted the lighting by using luminosity masks in Photoshop. It was early in the morning so there was some nice pale “blue” light. Then in Lightroom I toned it with by using the vibrance & saturation sliders. I think the vibrance slider absolutley rocks in Lightroom (or its ACR twin) for muting tones without flattening the image that much.

Click for photo from the other side HERE

5 thoughts on “What came through that wall

  1. Hulk says “Smashing Photograph”. I agree, besides who wants to to get into debate about art with the Hulk 🙂 .

  2. Sounds to me like a bank job has gone really wrong somewhere…although I do like the idea of the Hulk on the loose. I also know exactly what you mean, back in my ‘rock star’ days I had photos done in a similar area. It is the done thing!
    Excellent shot

  3. It’a much more dramatic from this side of the wall, it brings up thoughts of Transformers, machines from War of the Worlds and even the people collecting machines in Terminator Salvation. ( I think I’ve been watching to many si-fi films lately)

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