Prepare for a long post of mixed topics. My apologies are up front 🙂

This has been a confusing and strange day in my blogosphere. For starters, as titled, today is my photo blog’s one year anniversary. I realized this a few days ago, and thought, perhaps I should do some sort of nod to my first ever photo post here. My plan was to return to the scene of the crime after work today. And at some point today, I strangely received comments from fellow photo bloggers Mike and David, on my original, one year old post! As I read David’s comment from my phone, I assumed he was referring my most recent, but then read “I can understand the need to post this, Brandon. My heart goes out to the families.” I’m thinking, what the heck is he talking about, I posted a courthouse! Then later I got Mike’s comment on my phone, “I can see why the photo has been on your mind. So tragic.” At that point, I was confused and then clicked the link to the post in reference and saw the photography of the Jimmy Davis Bridge, my original first post. (For a quick aside, the comments were stemming from what I posted about. I took the photo one afternoon, and then on the next day, six teenagers drown not far from the area I photographed).

When I brought up my blog, it indeed showed the year old post. Once I refreshed the screen, it returned to normal, featuring my most recent. I’m chalking it up as a likely glitch in the WordPress time code. I’m also guessing those who subscribed were sent a link posing it as a new post.

With that preamble done, I did return to the scene but this time, from the other side where the original was taken. Sadly, this is the far end of the small sandbar where the kids had drowned. The water is shallow for several feet, then there is a drastic drop off, and on top of that, this river has a nasty current. Tragically, none of the kids could swim. One of them slipped off, and the rest drowned in attempts to save him or others. One girl was saved by another teenager. This horrible incident does have a positive lift as sparked an effort called Project Swim, which to date, has taught 1,100 teenagers to swim this past year.

So it has been a year, and I would have never guessed how absorbing and wonderfully fulfilling this blog has become for me. And it hasn’t just been a first year in photo-blogging, it’s been roughly my first year in photography. Thanks to everyone who has left comments, hit the ol’ Like button or merely dropped by. Without the traffic and feedback I likely wouldn’t be having an anniversary post.

When I named my blog a year ago, When This Becomes There, I had photography in mind, but honestly, the actual blog name wasn’t strongly pondered upon. Over the year, I’ve become more happy with the title as I’ve learned and discovered in photography. The lens is indeed a third eye, and presents the opportunity to be special in “seeing.” You freeze a moment “there” and it can become a “this” to carry and show repetitively, making seeing endless.

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