Graffiti Art Institute


Well, it’s a dam. I prefer, though, what some of yesterday’s clever commentary suggested—a graffiti artist heaven. More so, I imagined it as a graffiti art institute with each block being a canvas/desk for the students. On a serious note, out of all the graffiti covered places I’ve been to around here, taggers had put a little more into this whole place. Besides the uniform color blotting on all the stones, the curved wall has a cypress tree landscape painted across the entire dam. It’s faded and barely decipherable, but it is there. The dam isn’t truly abandoned. It is still operable and looked over, but without any water and a significant flood threat in the area, most of the funding has been pulled.

As mentioned in the previous post, I sort of stumbled upon this place. It was early afternoon and a blistering 105 degrees. Even hotter standing around those rocks. When it cools off some, and with better lighting, I think I’ll return as there is some interesting stuff on the surfaces.

Lagniappe #1: Wide view of dam

Lagniappe #2: Lower view of stones

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