Heart Heart Heart

And the speaking stone says while you can break a heart, shoot it with shotgun, it never dies because illusions aren’t real after all—and last but not least—Brittany & Hunter are sexy.

I didn’t plan on posting any more from this op as what I had didn’t come out as good as I thought it would. But I forgot about this one, the one stone that was not like the others. I’m a fan of the isolated color process, where you pick one color via selection or channel and desaturate everything save for that color. Then I started doing it probably too much and felt it was a little cheap, an easy way of invoking a dramatic focal area while rendering the rest of the area a bit subservient. And obviously, I’m still going back and forth. So what do you think?

For processing, I isolated the red in Lightroom using the color sliders. I moved it to PS and then duplicated the layer. On the top, I then did a B&W using Silver Efex, and then masked the original heart though the layer underneath.

On a side note, who shoots a 3 foot thick, square, concrete stone point blank with a shotgun?

6 thoughts on “Heart Heart Heart

  1. I like it. I think the selective colour works well here. Did you try the feature in Silver Efex pro that lets you bring colour back selectively? That can be a real quick easy way to do it too. Sometimes though, the ‘restored’ colour can look a little odd whereas this looks quite natural.

  2. I like it and when colour selection is done well it is a powerful tool. You have done it very well indeed. I feel sorry for the hurt who find love an illusion though…another topic another time I feel. Excellent photo!!

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