Ronald McDonald Style

Another selective color(s)  process. Honestly, I forgot exactly where I this one was taken, but it was downtown and from the window of an abandoned building. I was with one of my friends and we were trying to do some “frame in a frame” stuff, but the early evening light spilling onto the buildings outside was a little too harsh even with bracketing the exposures. We weren’t there long. The building outside the window is an artist loft, and as you can see, the colors were a little thought out in a McDonald’s way I suppose. I did no color changes to the select areas including the watering can on the table at the top of the stairs. This place was setup to be seen by the owners.

This one was extremely more difficult to isolate the colors as the bricks of the building were orange and had overlapping values of the yellow stairs. The hard light also made it difficult to do luminance selections. So, I again isolated colors “roughly” in Lightroom and then in PS did a black & white version using the Silver Efex plugin on a new layer. Then I masked them through, painstakingly.

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