The Last Waterbender

Since my kids seldom let me photograph them from the front, I’ve taken up the habit of trying to shoot what they are looking at that is so damn important that they can’t look at me 🙂

Over the last week I have taken only a few photos and have worked on closing out sets. The most recent being the Hall Summit Elementary School I photographed in April. I’ve done three abandoned schools in the last year and have two more prospects but will wait until it cools off before I hit those. So four months later, here is a quick slideshow of Hall Summit. WordPress’s Duotone theme has recently had some changes, and now videos are squashed and small. So to view larger click the Vimeo link or the button with all the arrows (also have link to HD version)

Click Here for HD Version

6 thoughts on “The Last Waterbender

  1. The images on your video are excellent, beauty in the abandoned, I love it. I also like the song choice, helps add impact to already great works.

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