When the peacock feels like it

Peacocks have always made me laugh. I find them flamboyant & ridiculous in appearance and aloof in their mannerisms. Years ago I became an avid reader of Flannery O’Connor, the southern American writer from Georgia. She was infatuated with peacocks and they occur in many of writings in comical ways as well as complex symbols. She also raised hundreds of peacocks and wrote an essay crowning the peacocks as “The King of Birds.” My favorite blurb on the bird comes from that essay and is:

“When the peacock has presented his back, the spectator will usually begin to walk around him to get a front view; but the peacock will continue to turn so that no front view is possible. The thing to do then is to stand still and wait until it pleases him to turn. When it suits him, the peacock will face you. Then you will see in a green-bronze arch around him a galaxy of gazing, haloed suns.” – Flannery O’Connor.

3 thoughts on “When the peacock feels like it

  1. Definitely a don’t mess with me expression. Considering how aggressive some birds are when they feel they are being imposed on, I commend your bravery and photographic skills.

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