Gambling on the River

One of several “river boat” casinos on the Red River in Shreveport. At some point, one of our politicians found a loop hole in the laws against the  “land based” casino. To exploit the loop hole, they put the actual casino part in the river boat, thus circumventing the rule. Yeah, that’s how we roll in Louisiana. Visitors access the boat usually through a connecting hotel. Today the legal line is even fuzzier. Boats used to be required to occasionally untie and move for a while but I doubt these boats have moved in decades.

I took this one across the river from the boat. I wanted to get a better perspective but there were few clearings and I wasn’t interested in climbing down the steep bank to get lower & closer. I need to find a friend with a boat.

4 thoughts on “Gambling on the River

  1. As soon as I seen this boat the song ‘Proud Mary’ by ‘Creedence Clearwater Revival’ started playing in my head. I have always wanted to go on a river boat an know now that some have casinos is even better! Excellent photo

  2. Nice shot. I think the perspective is good – too low and the reflections might not be as nice. This is a subject that has lots of interesting potential. Are you going to shoot some more?

  3. Wonderful atmospheric photograph. As soon as I saw it, Mark Twain, Yancy Derringer, and Show Boat jumped into my head almost simultaneously – one crowded river.

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