Louisiana State Capitol (Freudian Version)

Another one of the Louisiana State Capitol. I apologize in advance if this is a little off-putting, but I never noticed how obviously phallic this building appears.


On another note, rain touched the ground here for the first time in fifty-eight days. We are enduring the driest year in over a hundred years. We’ve had over twenty straight days of +105 temperatures. The storm came in from the north with fresh air and dumped maybe an inch before it turned to an off & on drizzle. So while it came down, I stood—without umbrella—in the driveway and patiently waited on the bus to drop off my daughter. While we are scheduled for another +105 day tomorrow, you can definitely sense the grip has been loosened.


10 thoughts on “Louisiana State Capitol (Freudian Version)

  1. Wow – intensity plus. Beautifully done. Our weather has also shifted. From a very dry June & July, we have moved into almost daily precipitation, often potentially extreme. I was stuck on the veranda roof when the hail started.

  2. Amazing picture. Dark and foreboding, like something out of a gothic comic strip. Great contrast on the building, gives it a strong sense of texture.

    It’s the opposite here in England. It seems to have rained all summer (including heavy rain again this morning), and August seems more like November (though not as cold). I guess the weather doesn’t believe in equality!

  3. Hey Brandon — I am interested in purchasing a print of this (or a hi res image so I can make my own print!) I don’t see your email anywhere on this site — could you contact me? My email is davidneffis@gmail.com. Thank you!

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