Persistent Insurance Salesman

Almost every night, barring warm temperature, this guy hangs outside my bathroom window. I believe this type of gecko is either an invasive species or one purposely introduced to keep the mosquito numbers down.  I don’t remember ever seeing them as a kid, and believe me, if it was alive and reptilian or amphibian in the neighborhood I grew up in, it was well documented and known as there was about 10-15 boys of roughly the same age and all with the desire to put things in aquariums. Now, these geckos are everywhere.

These geckos are nocturnal and have nearly translucent skin. Stretched on the frosted glass, I figured I could get a good photograph of the translucence from outside, leaving the bathroom light on as a backlight. Well, I got exactly that, a pinkish fleshy thing that was kind of sickening once I got it on screen and close-up. So then, I decided to just convert to black and white. I definitely know why Geico didn’t pick this species to be their sales rep.

3 thoughts on “Persistent Insurance Salesman

  1. Intriguing shot and effect. Surprised to hear that the geckos are surviving the winters. They do change colour to adapt to surrounding, so the frosted glass would have messed up their natural camouflage to blend in. It was trying to soak-up the heat as they would on a rock or wall.

  2. They´re great for keeping the mosquito numbers down…friends and friendly, here they sometimes drop on your head…and stay there, they sing too….ultrasonic! if it´s got wings they eat it!

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