My Horse. Mine.

The twins have arrived at that wonderful mine mine mine age. I thought that since they were always together, the possessive period would be a tad softer. Nope. In fact, it may be more amplified as they both seem to want to carve out identities. Mia, the pictured twin, has the case of the mines way more than the other and is the queen of the dirty looks. I get this one 4-5x a day, and now as she is learning to form sentences, I get “why you do that, Daddy?” In the above picture, her mother was trying to take her off the horse which did not go over well. For quite some time.

4 thoughts on “My Horse. Mine.

  1. Well you got her on the horse, my daughter wanted to ride the elephant. When the moment came, she got nervous, so the handler suggested I get on first. My wife got a shot of me sitting on the elephant – no riding. My daughter was too intimidated to go on. We were at the African Lion Safari in southern Ontario.

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