Working on Buoyancy

Will this sun ever set? I took a day or so off from both photographing and processing and did the daunting task of organizing and grouping images in my Flickr photostream, putting them into sets and collections. One thing I enjoy about Flickr is the concept of the linear stream, and then you create sets/collections in more of a constellation.  As I was breaking them down into styles, places, types, etc., I found myself constantly saying, “Hey, I have a bunch more of these I need to add” or more often, “I need to do more like this.” Too often I end up shooting a slew of photos of something and pluck out one maybe two, process them, and forget about the set. Wading through the heap also brought attention to things I haven’t worked on and is partly the reason for the recent run of twilight photographs, something I had sparsely done before. For the rest of the week, I’ll be turning to children portraiture as I have a kid shoot scheduled this Saturday and need a tune-up.


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