Late September Light

When summer finally gives way to autumn in this area, the evening light in September & October seems the most nuanced as the color range can shift from the intense saffron hues to the color magentas and purplish blues in a matter of minutes or just from traversing to different parts of the horizon. But since this transitional period has started, I haven’t been able to take advantage with a busy run at work and after work. I also broke another tripod the last time I was out, my 3rd one in a year so I broke down and replaced it with a monstrous Slik tripod, that I believe in a pinch could support a field artillery cannon.  It came in today so I decided to check it out with a twilight shoot.


5 thoughts on “Late September Light

  1. This is a really beautiful image. So calm and peaceful. The water is like silk, and the way the sun illuminates the boards close to the viewer is wonderfully warming.

    I really like the trees – what type are they?

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