Give the Crowd Everything They’re Asking For


The circus was in town this weekend, albeit a rather small production. It was also conducted in a modern domed facility, so missing were all the carny extras: funhouses, freak shows, carnival food, etc. I also theorize that forgotten 80s glam rock stars have taken up animal training for shows.

This elephant was pretty funny. Dancing, playing a horn, harmonica and standing on its front legs. I thought him sitting on this stool was funny. Then I started processing it, and due to high noise, I decided to go with a black and white. Then it started to look a bit depressing.

12 thoughts on “Give the Crowd Everything They’re Asking For

  1. I’m with Andy. I like the apparent backstage view here of a stage-weary performer looking out at the darkened audience. On the other hand, one could easily imagine the weary feelings of an old animal long held captive and longing for a life of freedom on the plains of Africa that it would never know. Very evocative image Brandon. Had you captured this from the front, it wouldn’t have worked nearly as well.

  2. “Then it started to look a bit depressing.” I’m glad I read what you wrote, Brandon. That is the way I viewed this photo. Somehow, the pose and the way you have designed it with the black and white places me in the skin of the elephant. I wonder how I would like to parade around in captivity and doing things I wasn’t born to really do. I also see the day to day monotony for this elephant. Your photo makes me want to know what this elephant might feel like. I think that is great photography!

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