Fairies at Warp Speed

Outside of the elephant, there weren’t a great number of photos to grab. Our seating was great and the stage light was good but hundreds of glow in the dark swords and spinny things was making exposures a bit squirrelly. I found myself messing with settings and missing parts of performances. I put the camera up for a while, but when it got a bit boring I started messing with long exposures. For this one, they lined up a group of acrobats sporting glow in the dark fairy wings. I had a feeling they would run them by us on the way to their dangling ropes so I put my shutter speed on 1/sec, aperture on f/10, put it on my lap and zoomed it through a break in the seated crowd. Not print on the wall material, but good “in-camera” fun

One thought on “Fairies at Warp Speed

  1. “Whoa!” just popped out of my mouth when this image came up in my RSS reader. It’s a good reminder that we all need to experiment more with our images. There are some very cool patterns in the light trails here.

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