New Perspectives

Oh, how perspective changes. When I was a kid, we use to pull Spanish moss from trees and pretend we had ZZ Top beards, making wreaths that went over our ears and dropped under our chins. Sometimes we made wigs. So while I was out taking photographs with my oldest, I look over and see her doing something similar, except she was donning on a “Rapunzel” hairdo. Immediately, I’m barking her to take it off her head, explaining that Spanish moss is a hot bed for ticks, fleas, lice and any other parasitic creepy-crawly I could think of at the time. She threw it down and started fiddling with some sticks. With girls, the threat of microscopic biting bugs redirects them rather easy. When I turned back, I wondered if that was true about Spanish moss, about it being full of bugs. I never had any problems messing with it when I was a kid that I recalled. But with the slightest possibility, your parent perspective will always confirm a yes.

5 thoughts on “New Perspectives

  1. Ha! As I was reading about what you did as a kid, my first thought was bugs in the hair – no good for kids. Funny, to find your reaction now as a parent. Kids. They change us.

  2. Totally made me smile Brandon! It’s funny how different our view is now that we are parents. I remember my first (hopefully last) parent/teacher/student meeting where my son was having an “issue”….how VERY ODD it was being on the parent side (my experience as being the student is massive)!!

    Sorry I’ve been “missing”, I do plan on going through all the many posts I have missed here. 😀

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