Zombie Up


Probably my most entertaining moments from the zombie walk was on the ride in to downtown. Currently our annual arts festival is also running and I hit some heavy traffic on the way in, a hold up of maybe 15 minutes. It was long enough for my daughter to doze off in the car, of which I couldn’t believe had happened given her level of enthusiasm. Perhaps over-anticipation had worn her down. Slumped over in her booster chair against the window, she looked convincingly like a regular corpse and not the reanimated type. In short, I got some wonderful double takes while waiting at lights or in traffic. The walk was scheduled early this year so with Halloween a few weeks away, it was some unsuspecting easy tricking ;).

While it may look like she was hamming-up her walking dead gaze in the above photograph, this was actually a genuine fearful luok as a zombie on stilts was walking up the street. I likely post a photograph of him at some point this week.

9 thoughts on “Zombie Up

    1. Thanks! Actually, very little processing on this one and all done in Lightroom. I used a graduated filter at a diagonal and destaturated it on a grade. This made her dress a softer green, and made the background darker. I then globally adjusted the white balance, using a color temperature. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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