I Zombie


This guy was one of the more frightening on the walk, one that my daughter made sure she kept a safe distance from. The photo doesn’t quite do his costume justice as he was also on stilts. I brought only my long zoom lens planning to pluck off some portraits. I was wishing I had my wide angle when he was around.

For processing, I tried a “300” (ala the Jack Snyder 2006 film). I used a shortcut, though, grabbing one of the presets Matt Kloskowski posted on his Lightroom site. I wasn’t impressed with the results, but with most presets, they always require some tweaking. In the end, I moved it further away from a 300 style which would probably be a bit darker and with redder hues. I liked the brighter effect though.

4 thoughts on “I Zombie

  1. Really enjoying these recent portraits. I looked for a walk near me but for all the recent talk I think it’s been cancelled…DAMM! At least I will have your work to entertain me.

  2. Great picture and this guy’s costume is awesome (I love zombies). There is a zombie walk coming up in a week or so in Brighton, where I live. I’m hoping to get some more good zombie pics.

    1. Thanks, Stevie. It was actually your zombie portraits from last year that inspired me to make sure I brought my camera this year and get some closer shots. Look forward to seeing some Brighton zombies in the future 😉

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