Dawn & Heron


I’ve left Zombieland and am back in the Twilight Zone. I posted a few more zombie photographs on my Flickr. In regards to the photograph above, I’ve found myself getting into a habit of going for the gusto when doing sunsets, sunrises or surrounding twilight hours. What I mean is that I would either use really long exposures to snag every detail or shoot in brackets from 3 to 9 to fuse together in post later.  While I’m a fan of the sprawling, highly-detailed end result of these photos, I realized out I was missing out on the flatter, silhouette style. Luckily for me, the great blue heron in the lower left decided to join me on this one and help out as a great silhouette subject. The only problem was to get him to sit still for the exposure. I cut it down to a 4/sec @ f11. It took me about 8 tries to get this one as he would move just enough or snag a fish with shutter still open.

6 thoughts on “Dawn & Heron

  1. Excellent capture! I can picture myself there, sitting, watching, waiting for just the right moment. Thanks for sharing!

  2. The colors and outlined quality of the landscape is absolutely breathtaking! Also the reflections are so crisp. It really adds to the composition.

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