There are five girls, 7yo & under, currently in my house for sleepovers. I have come to realize that every time you increase the number by 1, the volume exponentially increases, so 5 is the wall of sound that should come from 25. I suddenly miss the quietude of this pier.

This one is matter of me messing around during the exposure and in post. This was a 30 sec exposure taken not long after the previous heron photograph. I stood at one side and walked slowly down to the other. I’m not exactly sure why there is a gap in the ghosting. I think next time I’ll try a 60 or 90 sec exposure.

14 thoughts on “Dissappeared

  1. Really, really nice. I think you have inspired an upcoming set of shots for me as well. I love my timer and long exposures but generally I wait until full dark to do my work.

  2. Great “self-portrait” Brardon. I like the look and the mood of this photo.

    So I’ve literally had this photo as an open tab on my computer for the week with the intent to comment. Anyhow, if you ever get a chance to shoot at this location again, it might be worth playing with how the end of the bridge and handrails interact with both the water and the silhouettes. How would it look if the level of the handrails intersected the horizon of where the land and water meet, and variations like that. Who knows how it would turn out, but would be interesting to play with.

      1. Thanks, Steven, and more so for the suggestion. This was my first time playing around with that sort of thing and since then I have been thinking of some different approaches. I can see in my head what you are suggesting. I visit this place often and will give it the go. Thanks for dropping by and I’ll will definitely drop by your blog in the morning over some coffee.

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