Midst of Mist

While these misty captures of the heron have made excellent black and white conversions, I really enjoyed the natural diffusion the mist provided, subduing the early sunrise colors back a few notches. This one is pretty much SOOC save for some noise reduction done in Lightroom. I would have liked to have removed the blurred branch leaf in the foreground once I noticed it in the viewfinder. I wasn’t going to push with getting out further to snap the twig away. In fact, I tried to inch up a little further after this one and the heron took to the tree tops. I did process a B&W version and posted it to my Flickr here. The heron did a great job posing as this one was a 4 sec exposure @ f/16.

3 thoughts on “Midst of Mist

  1. 4 second exposure!?! Really? I can’t believe the heron didn’t move. You have a great series here. I think I like this version better than the B&W version. The heron has a slightly stronger presence here.

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