Eye of the Emergent Thing

It’s no heron, but it was an interesting shape I found at the pond. My best guess is it is an old cypress tree that was cleaved right above the roots, and not visible with the lower water levels. I took this one right as dawn was breaking in the slightest sliver on a clear morning (same area as last few posts). It was actually still quite dark and I had to shine my flashlight on the thingy on the water to get a focus point. The longer exposure brightened things up and then I bumped the exposure up 1/2 in Lightroom.

We caught our first real cold snap this week, with tonight dropping to 36F (2C).  This is the most temperature swinging place I’ve ever lived. We will have a short run of below freezing days and have dipped into the negative Fs once or twice. But also, as blogged about just a few short weeks ago, we hit the 110s easily (97 just 6 days ago).

I love the cooler days and colder nights more as I have gotten older, but I forgot about the consequence that comes with the weather….the short, short days. I’ve been easily catching sunrises on the way to work and have been able to cut out for the sunset. The time shifts this weekend for us, falling back an hour. So now the sun will be rising at a tough early time and setting on my drive home from work. In sum, my recent twilight postings will fizzle out soon.

8 thoughts on “Eye of the Emergent Thing

  1. Brandon, I see you’ve just subscribed to me blog – many thanks indeed! Meanwhile, this is a fantastic picture, simply very very beautiful – and I know just what you mean about the age of the little girl, in I think the previous photo here – a truly magical time! FATman

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