In Mute

First photograph is of the grave markers for the three monks who had a hand in building the chapel from the previous post. The markers reveal that they all died between 1892 & 1893, and all roughly between 25 to 30 years old (Frater Avertanus Schweitzer, Father John Scherer, and Brother Gregory Kuaul). The 2nd photograph are of three more, but unmarked. These six graves surround the walkway leading up to the chapel.

The first one I processed much in the same vein as the previous chapel photographs, except no HDR. The second one didn’t have much of that autumn pop and was done @ f2.8. I then muted the tones and subdued the contrast a bit. For most of these chapel pictures, I’ve worked to preserve the natural scene for the most part. I have a few more though, and I think the gloves will come off for them.

4 thoughts on “In Mute

  1. I find the top image particularly striking. I think it’s because the white of the crosses (and the shallow DOF) really make them pop out against the autumn foliage. It looks great on the black background of the theme too. Well done!

  2. Great use of depth of field and good contrast between the popped colours of the first image and the delicate treatment of the second. I like the way the light catches the leaves behind the cross on the right in the second shot. Well done!

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