So Angry

I meant to post this one yesterday, but was sidetracked. They cleared the woods behind my house. Pros: I get a clear view of the sunrise. Cons: it means they will build another row of houses next to each other that will all look the same, ultimately blocking the sun. Modern living, what can you do?

I had heard some ruckus going on, so I climbed onto my daughters’ playground platform and saw this kid who was having a great time taking big rocks and turning them into smaller rocks. I have three girls, so I see more flower-picking and baby-dolling than anything. It put a smile on my face to see this little boy immersed in being a little boy.

It was late in the evening and the sun was at my back, filling the field with some wonderful autumn light. This is SOOC save for some minor sharpening in Lightroom.

4 thoughts on “So Angry

  1. Great colours and nice action. Don’t let the SOOC purists hear you call this SOOC though – I was looking at a SOOC Flickr group recently and there were a couple of them just going off about borders and watermarks not being SOOC. They seem a very dedicated crowd. Frankly I’m surprised their allowed to convert to JPEG or even resize their images!

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