B-52 Stratofortress

About a mile away from my house is an Air Force base with most air traffic composed of these B-52s. I was a bit unsure about living so close base in regards to noise, but these bombers are amazingly quiet. To me, the planes always look a bit anachronistic and I was surprised to hear how widely used they are today. So when I got this photo on my machine, it seemed to beg for a vintage makeover. With some textures and color adjustments, I tried to graft on something with tones of 40s WWII posters, and then added some “inky” imperfections.


8 thoughts on “B-52 Stratofortress

  1. very interesting texture..it gives the real airplane a bit of miniature or toy feel to my senses (just a little bit). Not good or bad ,just a little different feel. either the texture or the lack of a reference to compare its scale, now i am not sure !

  2. We were discussing your photo yesterday as I checked my email notifications while waiting for dinner after the wedding I attended and we all loved it – You did a great job with the vintage feel.

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