Port City Skyline

I took this one an hour or so after the previous post after things obviously cooled off. This is the first skyline I’ve ever attempted. After taking several night shots on the banks of the Red River, I continue to struggle with the reflections. On so many exposures, I get drifting or squiggly reflections. I’m starting to think the root cause is the river as it is always a pretty fast flowing river. I also wish they would fix all the neons on the truss bridge. The neons light up in sequence, starting at one in end and then move across the entire bridge continuously at night. So with at least a 10 second exposure, you can get the entire bridge illuminated.

This pano one was four 10 sec exposures @ f11, and then stitched together in PS.

On another note, I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting banding in photos posted to the web with either large expanses of blue sky or blue water. Always blue. It’s never there in my apps, or even when exported to .jpeg on my own machine. Even when printed, the banding isn’t there. I tend to get it more on Flickr than on WordPress. It must be something with the way it is compressed from the web service. Anyone experience this, and if so, any suggestions.

7 thoughts on “Port City Skyline

  1. Brilliant skyline. The coloured reflections really make this image. Nice work.

    I’ve checked your image on Flickr but I can’t see the banding you describe, but the photos do get compressed on Flickr and that does seem to introduce a variety of minor/moderate artifacts to some images. Monitor settings probably factor in how visible these are.

  2. Great night pano. I think the banding is just compression from the various upload programs. Doesn’t WordPress use some crazy term like “Crunching” as its uploading a photo? I reckon banding is an artifact created by crunching.

  3. Nice job on the pano/prolonged exposure! I know WP does “crunch” the image when uploading (which is why i include a link to my Flickr’s Lightbox on all my posts). I checked your Flickr and didn’t see any banding either…

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