Another round of foliage

Another foliage shot from this weekend. Short post tonight. I foolishly bought the new Skyrim game on PS3 and am having large expanses of time to which I cannot account for.

P.S. Anyone notice the new WordPress drag & drop image uploader?

9 thoughts on “Another round of foliage

  1. Amazing display of colourful tones.

    Skyrim eh, that’s 80+ hours of your life gone! I’ve managed to resist so far, but I suspect I’ll end up buying next year when it comes down in price (unless someone gets me it for Christmas).

  2. I really need to get out there and get some fall colours! As Meanderer mentioned, I too get a sense of peacefulness from the image, nicely done Brandon. Yea, I’ve noticed the new uploader, however, haven’t tried it yet! 😀

  3. I’m sitting here laughing because Skyrim is the same reason my posts are sporadic this week! I could also blame all the snow and cold going on outside, but let’s be serious, it’s Skyrim!

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